Sl Category Date Subject Action
1 Order 24/09/2019 Updation of details of Nodal Officer Under Provision of Information Technology Rules, 2009 Order_CISO_2019
2 Order 21/08/2019 Tender for supplying stationery goods for the Dept. of Information Technology and Electronics, Govt. of West Bengal Tendar_Notice_Updated
3 Order 22/11/2018 Inclusion of ‘Fintech & Telemedicine’ as IT Enabled Services 879-DS(IT)
4 Order 19/01/2018 Empowered Committee of Cyber Security Center of Excellence (CS-CoE), West Bengal notification-cybercafe-code
5 Financial 02/02/2018 Seeking APR of Gr.D/non-technical Gr.C employees2 ESDM Brochure
6 Project Related Sanction Cum Allotment 04/01/2018 Seeking APR of Gr.D/non-technical Gr.C employees APR-of-Gr.D-100