West Bengal RTI Rule


The 10 (ten) RTI Rules have been made by the Governor in accordance to the provisions of sub-section(1) read with sub-section (2) of Section 27 of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

They have come into effect from the 10thof March, 2006.


1.a)”Act” means the Right to Information Act, 2005 (22 of 2005);

(b)“Commission” means the West Bengal Information Commission;

(c)“Registrar” means the Registrar of the Commission;

(d)“Section” means section of the Act;

(e)“State Government” means the Government of West Bengal.

Rule 2

Words and expressions used in these Rules, but not defined, will have the same meanings as assigned to them in the RTI Act, 2005

Rule 3

Deals with Application Fees

To obtain information from the SPIO/SAPIO, u / s 6 (1), a Court Fee of Rs. 10/-, is to be paid

Amendments in Rule 3

Three Sub rules (Sub-rule1, 2,3) have been inserted

Addition in Sub-rule 1 ‘a non-Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.10 or by Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque/ Indian Postal Order payable in favourof “ (name of the link bank) a/c Government of West Bengal, RTI ACT”

Sub-rules 2 of Rule 3

An applicant while sending request for information by e-mail shall deposit the application fee of Rs.10 by DD/Banker’s Cheque/ IPO-mentioning the particulars of such payment in e-mail to PIO

The PIO shall not deliver the information sought for, unless the amount is received as prescribed

Sub-rule 3 of Rule 3

The Public Information Officer (PIO) shall arrange to remit the fee received through DD/Banker’s cheque or IPO to such authorized branches of the Public Bank linked with the Treasury as mentioned in Appendix 3 to the WB Treasury Rules, 2005 by the next working day in TR Form No. 7 under the Head of Account & Head Code mentioned in column 1and column 2 under serial nos. 1 and 2 respectively of the following table

Sl. No
1 Head Code


2 Head of Accounts

0070-Other Administrative Services-60-Other Services-800-Other Receipts including census-021-Collection of Fees from Information Seeker for the purpose of receiving information-27-Other Receipts”

The Applicant may deposit such fee directly through the concerned bank and shall produce the receipted challan to the concerned PIO

Rule 4

Deals with fees for providing information

Fees Payable by Applicant

SPIO/SAPIO is to send written intimation to the Applicants on:-

First, actual calculation for arriving at the fees (based upon rates prescribed under Rule 4) and a request to deposit the fees

Second, Applicant’s right to appeal on the quantum detailing the appellate authority, time limit, process and forms of filing appeal

In case of intimation given to the applicant on calculation of costs of providing information-the period between dispatch of intimation and deposit of fees will not be included in the Thirty Days timeframe [Sub Section 3(a) of Section7]

The fee to be charged shall be reasonable (Provision of Sub Section 5 of Section7)

No fees shall be charged from applicant below the Poverty Line (Provision of Sub Section 5 of Section7)-determination of person below the poverty line to be done by ‘Appropriate Government’

Appeal to Commission (with amendments) Rule 5

An appeal to the Commission shall contain the following information

a) Name and address of the applicantb) Name & address of the SPIO or the SAPIO as the case may be, who passed the orderc) Self-attested photocopy of the order of an Officer against whom appeal has been preferred under Section 19(1)

d) Gist of Information sought fore) Grounds for appeal and the relief sought for

Documents to accompany appeal Rule 6

EveryAppealtoCommissionunderSection19(3)shallbe accompanied by

a) Theattestedtruecopyoftheorderagainstwhichtheappealisbeingpreferredb) Thecopiesofdocumentsrelieduponbytheappellantandreferredtointheappeal;andc) Anindexofthedocumentsreferredtointheappeal

Procedure in deciding appeal to Commission under Section 19(1), Rule 7

In deciding the appeal, the Commission shall

Sub-rule 2 of Rule 7

In deciding the appeal the Commission may ask the appellant to add any other informationother than the information included in the contents of the second appeal under Rule 5

Service of Notice by Commission, Rule 8

Notice required to be issued under Section 19(9) by the Commission may be served in any of following modes:

Signing of Order under Rule9

The ORDER shall be

Rule 10