Other related Acts

Sl No. Name of Act Download Link
1 Invest & Industry Policy of West Bengal, 2013 APR-of-Gr.D-100
2 West Bengal Duties & Responsibilities Rule, 1980 APR-of-Gr.D-100
3 West Bengal Treasury Rules APR-of-Gr.D-100
4 West Bengal Financial Rules APR-of-Gr.D-100
5 West Bengal Service Rules APR-of-Gr.D-100
Sl No. Name of Act Download Link
6 The Indian Penal Code APR-of-Gr.D-100
7 The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 APR-of-Gr.D-100
8 The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 APR-of-Gr.D-100
9 The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908 APR-of-Gr.D-100