Our State

The 4th largest state economy in India, growing at 15.64% Gross Value Add, West Bengal is leading the charge along the growth curve of India. West Bengal, vibrant state, with a unique culture and traditions. The State is a perfect blend of economic strength and dynamism, with a strong consumer base, vibrant industry, large talent pool, industry friendly stable policies, transparent governance and record social & physical infrastructure development. The State Govt. is committed towards inclusive and sustainable development, providing increasing employment opportunities.
  • Location: 21°38´ – 27°10´ N (Lat.) and 85°38´- 89° 50´E (Long)
  • Area: 87,853 sq. km.
  • Capital: Kolkata
  • Population: Large population of 91.3 million out of which about 14.3 million are in Kolkata
  • Infrastructural facility
    • 3rd largest road network, of more than 3,15,404 KM, of the country
    • Richly endowed with natural maritime advantages, has 950 KM of water front
    • 2 International Airports – Kolkata and Bagdogra
    • Leading in the country in terms of spread, density and reach of National Inland Waterways
    • About 4,000 KM of Railway tracks
    • 2nd largest Metro Rail network in the country
  • West Bengal has 22 Universities, 72 Management collages, 124 polytechnic, 114 Industrial Training Institutes and Industrial Training Centre and 17 medical colleges.
  • The state literacy rate (77.1%) is higher than the national figure.
  • West Bengal has 20 IT parks, 4 more will be completed by 1st quarter of 2018 calendar year and another 18 IT Parks shall be built within the next 18 months to 36 months’ time frame.
  • Disaster Management: West Bengal has robust mechanisms to mitigate the risk of natural calamities.
  • Major Languages: Bengali, Hindi & English. Large English speaking skilled talent pool exist in West Bengal