Our Vision & Mission


  • To become one of the leading States in India in the IT and ITeS and ESDM sectors and to enable West Bengal to transform into a knowledge-driven welfare society with extensive use of IT and ITeS in Governance and in the daily lives of the people of the State.


  • To become one of the top three States in India in respect of turnover and employment, both in the IT and ITeS and ESDM sectors by 2020
  • To create an investor-friendly climate in the State for increasing West Bengal’s share in production of electronic goods in India to 15% by value by 2020
  • To create a robust IT eco-system for enhancing competitiveness and productivity of the key economic sectors affecting the lives of the majority of the population of the State
  • To provide seamless and reliable citizen-centric services and information for the public, thereby enhancing efficiency, transparency and accountability of Government
  • To ensure e-literacy among the masses to reduce the so-called “digital divide”
  • To disseminate the IT and ITeS activities across the State so that rural population is equally benefited
  • To seed all educational and R& D institutions with required IT infrastructure including state- of-the-art communication facilities for promoting excellence and transforming West Bengal into a knowledge-based society
  • To leverage the premier educational and research institutions located in West Bengal to emerge as a leading State in the area of chip design, embedded software industry and areas related to Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) technologies
  • To significantly enhance the availability of skilled manpower in the ESDM sector. Special focus for augmenting post graduate education and to produce about 400 PhDs in this field annually by 2020
  • To work with the Government of India and other State Governments for developing and mandating standards and certification for electronic products and services and to strengthen the Quality Assessment infrastructure in West Bengal
  • To develop a necessary mechanism for effective disposal of e-waste in the State